Friday, 4 July 2014


I really struggled for a title for this post. I'm just not in that kind of mood, this last week of school has put me in a foul mood because it has to have been one of the most boring weeks of my life and I have to say I hate Welsh Bac with a passion. But we got today off, thank god. These photos are from the week before last, I was in work experience at my Dad's work and decided to go out into Cardiff and take some photos. I tried something a bit different with the angles for these photos but my facial expressions weren't quite on parr so I don't have as many photos as I'd like to for this post. The title is actually from a Daughter, I'm going to Greenman this year and they're playing and excited isn't even the word. 
This weekend I'm going to have a lazy one I think, do some sewing, go out and take some photos. The usual.

Jacket - Asda// Dress - Thunder Egg @ Afflecks Palace// Necklace - D.I.Y// Socks - Topshop//
I was going to take outfit pictures today actually, but then it started raining. I was meaning to go out for lunch with some friends too but I appear to have a bug and my muscles feel like jelly at the moment. It's all right though because I've been meaning to have a quiet weekend for a while.
In other news, I appear to have a date (I think it's a date) on Monday. I met a guy at a party... all my friends seem to think it's pretty funny that I seem to have found another guy; it was a bit of a shock and still is. I guess I'll see how it goes; I'm teaching him how to longboard. That could be interesting. 
Oh also I got nominated for a blog award and I'd be very happy if you voted for me, you can vote once a day on the poll until the end of the month. But even voting once would mean the world to me. Vote here.
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

No matter what they try, they won't take away our will to fight

Hey guys, I'm actually getting on the whole regular updates thing and it's working, woo. Somehow I'm still super super busy but I'm managing to find the time to blog. Once school is over I should be able to relax though. The title is from Porter Robinson's Lionhearted, I'm seriously obsessed, one of my favourite bloggers Eugenie from Feral Creature is in it and it's just such a cool video. 
I'm not sure what I think of this outfit today, I made the top not a halter and just wanted to put an outfit on and take photos straight away. Usually my last minute spontaneous outfits turn out or I don't wear them out but I wasn't sure about this and I'm still not. There we go, life if full of uncertainties.

Shirt - Asda// Top - DIY// Skirt - New Look// Boots - Primark// Flower Crown - Topshop//
So that it that, I think I'm liking it more as I look at it. In other news I have a party tonight and I have absolutely no idea what to wear. It's nice to be doing something though because I've been away the last two weekends and I'm thinking I might ust sleep all next weekend 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Cause I'm just a teenage dirt bag baby, like you

 Hey guys, as promised I'm doing more frequent uploads. I'm actually on work experience t the moment, at my Dad's office. But he has nothing for me to do so I'm just blogging and watching anime. I don't even really need to be here (the forms are all ticked off to say I'm doing it) but for some reason my Mum feels that I have to come in and do stuff. But it's not too bad because I can just focus on my blog for three days and see how that goes, plus I'm right near the city centre so I think I'll probably go shopping a bit.
I also have more exciting pictures because I'm trying to play around a bit. These are from Sunday, I went with a friend to the Record fair and ended up at another friend's house playing Viva PiƱata for a couple of hours. Then on the way home went to a church yard (it's sort of a park) to take pictures. I got almost everything I'm wearing today from Manchester on the weekend, because of course when you get new clothes you have to wear them immediately.
The title is because I feel like a teenage dirt bag in this outfit. Super comfy though I'm still not sure about the low waisted skirt, I much prefer wearing high waisted things.

Shirt - Rowfers @ Afflecks Palace // Skirt - Sister's// T- Shirt - Panic Posters @ Afflecks Palace// Boots - Car Boot//
Really sad I didn't get a chance to get a picture of my badge. It's from a Bill Bailey convert and says 'I ain't gonna be your Bitch" I love it. And all together this outfit cost a grand total of £32, I love it when I find bargains... and free stuff from my sister. Thanks for reading and I hope you liked my something a bit different photos.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Take me to the place I love, Take me all the way

Ahh sorry I haven't updated n over a week, such a bad blogger I've been. I was back in school last week and it was just so much work D: even though I've done all my exams I have another month of being in school before summer :( However after last week I should have a smaller work load and next week I'm not doing much at all so I'm going to try and try to update. Also I've been away every weekend, busy busy busy.
I took these on Thursday before I went out, to a pretty shitty party but hey, and then went to Manchester Friday and yesterday which is why this is so late. I bought lots of clothes so you shall be seeing them soon. I also went to a local record fair today and took some photos so i should post them in a couple of days, lots of cool photos there.These photos aren't the best, I wasn't feeling the best on Thursday so I was pulling all sorts of weird facial expressions and only managed to get a few good shots; c'est la vie.

Jacket - ASDA// Shirt and Skirt - Missguided// Shoes - Bronx @ Schuh// Socks - Topshop// Bracelet -
 So you guys have seen my other items from Banggood and I'm finally showing you the last one, it's super super pretty and they have some very similar ones in different colours too on their website. It's quite gothic but can really be worn casually or more formally. I just love the green colour and cute little details on this. Perfect. It's got an adjustable ring too so anyone can wear it.
I have lots and lots of DIY projects for the summer and clothes to modify and make so I should definitely have a lot to show you guys in terms of outfits, and hopefully some great home made ones too, I'll definitely be updating more (a promise to myself and you) and thank you for reading!

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