Tuesday, 24 February 2015

And I'm a lionheart

Hey guys, it's been a while... again. I just have so much to do and now it seems no time at tall to do it in. it's the last term before exam season now so the work is kind of on and I am finding it hard to find time to blog and such. But I will still find time, I am determined. Plus I have been ill which has not helped the situation, damn you cold!
So yes I am here today with a post for you. I went out on my long board the other week for the first time in over a year (oops) and realised how unfit I am (double oops) well the chest pain and shortness of breath I blame of asthma brought on my a chest infection but I ave nothing to blame for the fact my legs killed the next day... and I really didn't skate that far at all. Though it definitely did make me realise how much I've missed it. I just need to find some time and some sunny days to skate and take pics, and get fitter.
Oh and the title is from Lionheart by Of Monsters of Men. A mutual of mine on tumblr kindly made me a playlist based on forget me nots (the flower) and that was on there and I fell in love a little.


Monday, 16 February 2015

Banana Loaf Cake

Banana loaf cake is a beautiful creation, Tesco do one that's both milk and soya free and I'm convinced it's been send from heaven just for me (jk, I'm not really a believer of an afterlife in that sense). But it is seriously amazing, I'm probably going to get sick of it soon though with the amount I'm eating. I can't do moderation when it comes to foods I really love I just eat and eat and eat them until I decide I'm sick of them. But at the moment I have so much love for Banana loaf cake (and because I had no other ideas) I title this post that.
It's been five days again, oops, I'm sorry guys! Almost six seeing as it's almost midnight. I did mean to post yesterday but I was quite hungover and tried. But there is good news, my Galaxy Chic eyeshadow palette arrived! So I should be making some youtube videos on Thursday! Woop woop! I mean I already have one filmed but that's going to wait until I have my other two planned ones it. It's such a beautiful palette but I'm going to have to get some proper primer tomorrow so I can get it looking super pigmented and sparkly on my lids. Fun times.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

All the ones who really love you

Hey hey pretty people. How's your day going? I've been listening to a lot of midlake recently, which is where the title is from. They're really chilled out folk (apart form one album where they sound exactly like The Flaming Lips) and it jut makes me wanna find a little tree stump in the forest to chill out on in the sun. Which is sort of what I did here but it was a little cold... and getting dark, but that's not the point! Especially as I'm very pleased with how the pictures turned out. I felt like I was in Where the Wild Things Are. Though I managed to make a whole in my tights sitting on that log and hit myself with a stick a couple of times. There are some hilarious shots of my throwing and attempting to catch a stick on my camera, but you might have to wait until my yearly bloopers poach in march for that.
I've kept to my promise to myself to include more photos and now I'm trying to go on a minimum of ten photos per outfit post. Nearly had nine here as it always seems to happen that there's one photo (no matter how much you check) that you've forgotten to save one! And then I have to go back onto the other computer with photoshop on and re-edit one of the photos.
You may also have noticed I now have read-mores on my posts. I realised how slowly my blog was opening and with more photos this would only get worse so I thought I'd end up putting more posts on each post but if people want to view the post they can click through.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Pretty Boy

Yo pretty people. I've been thinking about gender a lot recently, which I do every once in a while, and have done since I was very little. Which explains the title, this isn't me coming out gender wise, I still identify as female most of the time but there are times, like the other day when I was taking these pictures, where I kind of just give up on gender and want to be more ambiguous gender wise and be more genderless I suppose. I guess it's when I think about gender too much and it all becomes too much and I give up on it a bit and just go "no I don't want one go away, I don't want to be defined by a gender". And I wish I could be more ambiguous gender wise but my face is just to feminine, I worked a bit with makeup in these photos to try and make myself less so but it didn't work too well. Oh well, I tried. It's something to work on for the future.
I've always found gender a bit weird, even since I was a kid and tended to go from one extreme to another in my expression whether I was feminine or whatever. I'd go from wearing nothing but pink and purple and refusing to wear trousers to refusing to wear anything from the "girls section" of clothing and sending all my time in shorts. When I was two my mum asked me what I wanted to be when I was older and I said "A man" because I'd decided that was the easiest thing to be, didn't follow through with that as I got older though.
For now have the outfit, I'll carry on my little gender ramble at the end of the post. It is really a ramble because I'm not sure it makes that much sense, but I don't really know how I feel about the whole gender thing (personally and as a whole) so this is just me trying to in some way I suppose.


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

So, bring it all back

Hello all you lovely people, how's your week going so far? I took these photos on Friday and once I'd found this spot I felt kinda bad because just under the tree I was taking photos by there was a load of nuts and a squirrel trying to eat his lunch (you might be able to see him in the first picture) and he didn't seem to happy that I was there. But I'm sure squirrels in this churchyard are used to people as it's a nice cut trough park right by a school.
It was surprisingly warm when I took these photos, but at the moment it's so cold I find it hard to get motivation to leave the warmth of my house and go take outfit pictures. I will though I promise.
Channelling my inner Totoro with this look, when I was wearing this skirt out a few weeks ago I suddenly remembered I owned a Totoro top and the two do fit super well together. 
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